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"A short history of the Desert Symposium" by George Jefferson and Fred Budinger (2016) (PDF)

Previous proceedings

1988    Quaternary History of the Manix Fault (PDF)
1989-1 The West-Central Mojave: Quaternary studies between Kramer and Afton Canyon (PDF)
1989-2 Nelson Lake: Important Early Sites (PDF)
1990-1 The Mineralogy of the Mohawk Mine (PDF)
1990-2 Late Pleistocene (Rancholabrean) Fossil Assemblage from the Northwestern Mojave Desert (PDF)
1991-1 Crossing the Borders: Quaternary Studies in Eastern California and Southwestern Nevada (PDF)
1991-2 The Mojave River Formation, Manix Basin, California: Stratigraphy, Correlation, Magnetostratigraphy and Rotation (PDF)
1992-1 Deformation associated with the Neogene Eastern California Shear Zone (PDF)
1992-2 Old Routes to the Colorado (PDF)
1993    Ashes, Faults and Basins (PDF)
1994-1 Off Limits in the Mojave Desert (PDF)
1994-2 Geological Investigations of an Active Margin (PDF)
1995-1 Ancient Surfaces of the East Mojave Desert (PDF)
1995-2 Short Papers in Anthropology and Paleontology (PDF)
1996    Punctuated Chaos in the Northeastern Mojave Desert (PDF)
1998    Finding Faults in the Mojave (PDF)
1999    A Walk Through Borate (PDF)
2000-1 Minerals from the Mojave (PDF)
2000-2 Empty Basins, Vanished Lakes (PDF)
2001    The Changing Face of the East Mojave Desert (PDF)
2002    Between the Basins: Exploring the Western Mojave and Southern Basin and Range Province (PDF)
2003    Land of Lost Lakes (PDF)
2004    Breaking Up (PDF)
2005    Old Ores: Mining History in the Eastern Mojave Desert (PDF)
2006    Making Tracks Across the Southwest (PDF)
2007    Wild, Scenic and Rapid: A Trip Down the Colorado River Trough (PDF)
2008    Trough to Trough: The Colorado River and the Salton Sea (PDF) aka "Flat Tire Fiesta"
2009    Landscape Evolution At An Active Plate Margin (PDF) Symposium updates (PDF)
2010    Overboard in the Mojave: 20 Million Years of Lakes and Wetlands (PDF)
2011    The Incredible Shrinking Pliocene (PDF)
2012    Search for the Pliocene: Southern Exposures (PDF)
2013    Raising Questions in the Central Mojave Desert (PDF)
2014    Not a drop left to drink (PDF)
2015    Mojave Miocene (PDF)
2016    Going LOCO: Investigations along the Lower Colorado River, and erratum (p 301) (PDF)
2017    ECSZ does it (Revisiting the Eastern California Shear Zone) (PDF)
2018    Against The Current: The Mojave River From Sink To Source (PDF)
2019    Exploring Ends of Eras in the Eastern Mojave Desert (PDF)

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